Insurance Negotiations: 411 PAIN vs. New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyer

The 411-PAIN hotline is known for setting car accident victims up with their own chiropractic clinics and a lawyer of their own choice who belongs to the network. The following is some information about how your experience of obtaining financial recovery from an insurer may differ when you call 411-PAIN from when you hire a skilled personal injury attorney.

Insurance Negotiations are a Complex Legal Process

As a personal injury victim, you may be surprised to learn that most cases are settled long before either party sees the inside of a courtroom. In fact, sometimes, they are resolved before the injured party files a lawsuit. In many cases, you will need to file a claim with your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance1 to cover your losses before you ever have the right to go to court. If you can receive an adequate amount to cover your losses from PIP, your case will not need to proceed to court.

Determining the amount of compensation you deserve is a complicated legal matter. Not only should victims seek damages for the losses they have already incurred, they should also seek damages for future losses as well, which can be difficult to assess without the assistance of experts. For example, an accident medical expense may including ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and in-home care, all of which should be accounted for in a settlement. Likewise, if an accident victim is unable to return to work, damages should be sought for the future lost income that he or she would have earned but for the accident. An experienced attorney will work with you to determine the full amount you deserve for all of your losses and to negotiate with your PIP provider to ensure you receive the full amount you need.

On the other hand, victims who use 411-PAIN often have little idea of what is going on with their insurance negotiations. This is because, often, negotiations may not even be taking place. Instead, the chiropractic clinic may be billing straight to your insurance company without your knowledge – and perhaps even for treatments you didn’t even need. In this way, the clinic receives the bulk of your insurance recovery directly and many people are shocked to learn there is little coverage left to cover their lost wages and other losses.

Your Lawyer Needs to Be Willing to Go to Trial

The reason that insurance companies settle cases is to avoid the cost and uncertainty that is involved with going to trial. As a result, if there is no real threat of doing so, an insurance company will often make lowball settlement offers and drag the process out hoping that the person making the claim will simply get tired of the process and move on.

For this reason, in order to get a fair settlement offer, victims need to retain an attorney who is willing to take a case to court should the insurance company be unwilling to settle the case for a reasonable amount. The sad truth is that there are lawyers who take cases and accept the first settlement offer that comes along – this is often the path of least resistance and results in money for both the client and the attorney. Unfortunately, however, this practice does not result in injured victims receiving the compensation they deserve.

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