Motorcycle Crashes at Greater Risk For Deaths

There have been an untold number of deaths in the Tampa region that involve motorcyclists. In fact, Florida has more motorcycle fatalities1 than any other state in the nation. While accidents involving motorcycles account for just seven percent of the state total, they account for nineteen percent of all accidents with fatalities. Overall, accidents involving motorcycles are twenty-six times more likely2 to have a fatality compared to an accident with only two cars, as reported by the Federal Institute for Highway Safety. The fact that this statistic measures the accident rate on a mile for mile basis equalizes the underrepresented nature of motorcycles on American roads.

Motorcycle Crashes at Greater Risk for Catastrophic Injuries

While keeping this statistic in mind, it shouldn’t be all too surprising that not only are deaths more likely with an accident involving motorcyclists but so are catastrophic injuries. Some of the more common catastrophic injuries that occur more frequently with motorcycle crashes are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Compound fractures
  • Facial injuries

Helmets effectively help reduce catastrophic injuries in many cases. Helmets help to not only reduce traumatic brain injuries in sixty-seven percent of the time, but they also help to reduce deaths by thirty-seven percent.

Alcohol as a Factor in Catastrophic Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents also involve the use of alcohol by at least one of the drivers. The same Federal Institute of Highway Safety report indicates that approximately 55% of accidents that had at least one motorcycle driver and occurred between the hours of nine in the evening and six in the morning had at least one driver with a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit. Moreover, alcohol is involved in forty-three percent of crashes involving just one motorcyclist. Not surprisingly, drunk drivers are a risk not just to others but to themselves.

Other Drivers Must Be Aware of Motorcyclists

There are many other reasons other than alcohol that explain why motorcyclists are at risk for more injuries and greater injuries. Motorcycles are inherently less stable with two wheels versus four. Given that drivers of regular automobiles are in a self-contained box, they are less likely to be thrown or ejected from the vehicle. Because motorcyclists are regularly thrown from their bikes, it means that motorcyclists are more likely to suffer head trauma. In addition, given the smaller size of motorcycles, other drivers are less likely to see them. In fact, many motorcycle accidents occur at an intersection, when the driver of the car is making a left-hand turn and does not notice a motorcycle in oncoming lanes.

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