Who is Covered Under my PIP Policy?

People operating motor vehicles in Florida are required to have at least a minimum amount of insurance coverage under a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy under Florida law.1 This type of insurance coverage is intended to cover costs of treatment for car accident injuries and lost wages if your injury caused you to miss work, whether or not you were at fault in the accident. Having your own insurance cover your losses reduces the number of lawsuits that are filed in the civil courts due to motor vehicle accidents.

If you have your own PIP policy, you should know that the policy covers injuries to you when you are driving the car. However, who else does your PIP policy cover? The following is some brief information and examples of PIP coverage in Florida.

The operator of a motor vehicle – If you own a car and are operating that car, you must have your own PIP policy that should provide coverage if you are injured in a collision.

The passenger of a motor vehicle – If you are riding as a passenger in another person’s car and you have PIP coverage, your policy should pay for your injuries. On the other hand, if you do not have PIP coverage of your own and are injured as a passenger, the PIP insurance of the driver of that vehicle should cover your injuries. In addition, if you are driving and have uninsured passengers in your car, your PIP should cover their losses. If passengers in your car have their own PIP coverage, they will need to file a claim under their own policy.

Family members – Relatives who are living together under the same roof may be eligible for coverage under another’s PIP policy. For example, if you have PIP coverage and your child is injured while riding in another person’s car, your PIP coverage should cover their expenses. In addition, if you do not need to have your own PIP coverage but someone else in your family does, you may be able to use their coverage if you are injured in an accident.

Pedestrians – You may be able to receive compensation from your PIP policy even if you were not driving or riding in a vehicle. If you were walking on a sidewalk lawfully and a car struck you and caused you injury, you may make a claim under your PIP policy.

It is important to note that people who SHOULD have PIP coverage under the law but fail to do so will not be able to use another person’s PIP coverage. It can be difficult to know when you are covered under someone else’s PIP policy or when someone else should be covered under yours. It is important to make a claim with the right insurance company to avoid any unnecessary delays in receiving the payment you need to cover your medical costs and replace your lost earnings. In addition, PIP insurance may provide partial disability benefits if you are unable to work long-term due to your car accident injuries.

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