The Riskiest Methods of Travel this Holiday Season

It is always fun to look forward to traveling to see family and friends during the holiday season. You can spend quality time together, eat good food, and attend festivities and celebrations. However, your festive holiday plans can easily be derailed if you are involved in a serious accident en route to your destination.

When planning your holiday travels, be sure to recognize the risks of injury that may come with different methods of travel. While knowing there are risks of accidents should not keep you from traveling, it can make you more aware of how to prevent accidents from occurring when possible and how to react should an accident happen.

Personal car – The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports1 that an incredible majority of holiday travelers – 91 percent, in fact – opt to travel in their own personal vehicles or that of a friends or family member. More than 2 million people are injured in traffic-related accidents on an annual basis in the United States and, as the number of travelers on the highways increase so does the risk of a crash. It is important to plan ahead for your road trip and ensure you do the following:

  • Take sufficient breaks or change drivers to avoid fatigued driving.
  • Leave plenty of time so you do not have to speed.
  • Have someone in the car to deal with snacks, the radio, and other distractions. If you are driving alone, avoid distractions whenever possible.
  • Know your route so you can minimize mistakes on the roads.

Plane – Also according to BTS statistics, six percent of holiday travelers choose to fly. Air travel is largely considered to be the safest form of travel2 in the U.S. because it has the fewest instances of fatalities. However, simply because fatal plane crashes are rare does not mean that injuries cannot occur in other ways. Many airline passengers are injured from the following:

  • Bags that fall because they were not properly secured in overhead bins
  • Flight attendants misuse of beverage carts
  • Inadequate warning of turbulence
  • Failure to turn on the seatbelt sign when needed
  • Assaults from unruly passengers
  • Slip and falls in the aisles of the plane

Bus – BTS reports that two to three percent of travelers over the holidays choose to travel by bus. Buses are also considered to be a relatively safe form of travel, however, when a bus crash occurs, it can cause serious injuries to passengers. Bus passengers can also suffer injuries if they fall down in the aisle or have other types of onboard accidents.

Being injured while traveling can be significantly more complicated than being injured at home. First, you are in a different city without your usual hospital and doctor. If your accident took place in between your home and your travel destination, you may not have any family or friends nearby to help take care of you. In addition, if you were driving and your car was damaged, your car may be stuck in that location and you will have to find another method of transportation while dealing with your injuries.

In addition, if you are outside of your home state, your legal rights may depend on the laws of the state in which the accident occurred. It can complicate both insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits if you were far from home when you were injured.

Fortunately, all you need is a highly skilled personal injury attorney on your side who knows how to address every complication that may arise. You should have an attorney with the understanding of all applicable laws and procedures and who knows how to explore the best possible options for your to receive the financial recovery you need. With the right legal team behind you, recovering after an accident while traveling does not have to be stressful.

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