Broken Bones From Car Accident Can Be Worse Than You May Imagine

Broken bones1 are one of the most common injuries suffered by people involved in auto accidents. Though they may be common, broken bones can have serious and long-lasting effects on the victim. Broken bones resulting from car accidents are often more severe than other breaks, such as falls or sporting injury, because the force of the accident is so extreme.

If you suffer a broken bone, it is important that you seek immediate treatment to ensure that the injury heals properly. If your injury is the result of an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical treatment and your pain and suffering. For this reason, you should contact a New Port Richey accident attorney right away to protect your rights.

Types of Breaks

While broken bones can come in a variety of locations and levels of severity, all broken bones are a serious injury and require immediate medical treatment.

Closed Fractures: Closed fractures happen when the bone is broken, but there is no penetration of the skin. (Open fractures occur when the bone breaks the surface of the skin.) Closed fractures many not always be obvious, but are still a serious injury and require medical attention.

Hip Fracture: Hip fractures are an extremely common type of break. Though common, these breaks are severe injuries and usually debilitate the victim for an extended period of time. In the elderly, these breaks can result in complications and even death.

Herniated Disks and Back Fractures: The spine is made up of individual bones called vertebrae, that serve the dual function of protecting the spinal cord and giving shape and support to the body. Injuries these bones can be debilitating and can leave the victim with lifelong problems and pain.

Facial / Skull Fracture: These kinds of breaks can have wider effects than other types of broken bones. Skull fractures can injure the brain or damage the eyes, resulting in limited function and impaired vision. Broken noses and jaws may not always be able to be fully repaired, and can cause disfigurement.

Leg Fractures: Though in most cases, fractures of the tibia and fibula can be set, full recovery is not always possible. These kinds of fractures can result in limited mobility and prevent active individuals from participating in sports that they formerly could.

Pelvic Fracture: Pelvic fractures2 occur when there is a significant force and usually involve multiple breaks. These injuries usually require a steel or titanium implant to support healing.

Treatment for broken bones can include surgery, pins, steel plates, and extended physical therapy. Even perfect treatment may not restore you to perfect health. If you have suffered a broken bone in a car accident, it is important that you contact a Florida accident attorney right away.

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