Differences Between 411-PAIN and a Reputable Attorney

After sustaining injuries in a car accident, having the guidance and assistance of a reputable and experienced car accident attorney is critical to ensuring that you receive the financial recovery that you deserve. Such recovery can come from your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage that is required by Florida law or, in cases involving serious injuries, it may come from a legal claim for personal injury against the party that caused your accident.

You may not personally know an attorney who can handle your case, so certain commercials may catch your attention that tells you to call 411-PAIN for both medical and legal assistance following a car accident. These commercials and the person on the other end of the phone if you do call will have you believe that calling 411-PAIN is the same – or even better – than calling a reputable attorney. This is not the case. In fact, there are many, many differences between calling 411-PAIN and calling for a free consultation with a lawyer who has extensive experience helping car accident victims in Florida. The following are only some examples of these differences.

Who Answers Your Phone Call

When you call a law firm, your call with be answered by a receptionist who can then connect you directly with an attorney in the office to discuss your situation. At 411-PAIN, there will be no attorneys anywhere nearby the person who answers the phone. The person on the other end of the line was hired specifically to answer phones and likely has absolutely no experience with the legal system or car accident injuries. This person will provide referrals for you to seek medical care and for an attorney to handle your case. Both the medical clinic and the lawyer recommended have a financial stake in 411-PAIN and are not recommended based on their skill, experience, or success rate. In short, there is often little to no basis for you to trust anything recommended by the person who answers your 411-PAIN call.

Advice Regarding Medical Treatment

The majority of personal injury attorneys did not attend medical school or a similar program in addition to law school. A lawyer should understand that their role is to provide legal advice and not to provide opinions regarding the specific treatment you need for your injuries. Instead, your attorney should simply encourage you to seek a medical evaluation and follow the recommendations of a trusted medical professional. The lawyers who are referred through 411-PAIN, however, have connections to specific chiropractic clinics to which they will refer you. Your lawyer will often push for certain treatments, as this can increase the profits received by the clinic with which they are associated.

How They Get Paid

In most car accident cases, your attorney will wait until you obtain your settlement from your insurance policy and then will take a certain pre-agreed upon percentage of your award as their fee. If you do not recover, your lawyer will not collect any fees. When you seek help from 411-PAIN, however, the chiropractic clinics often bill your insurance company directly and often for services that you did not even need. Money can be paid directly to the clinics, sometimes even without your knowledge, which can significantly reduce the amount of coverage that you can receive. Then, the lawyer from 411-PAIN will take a cut of whatever is leftover, often leaving you with very little and nowhere close to the $10,000 promised on the commercials.

If a referred lawyer or chiropractic clinic takes the proceeds from your PIP coverage, you do not have the right to go back to your insurance company and ask for more. You do not want to wait until it is too late to realize that 411-PAIN is not the same as a skilled and trustworthy personal injury attorney. Instead, you should always start by calling a lawyer directly and discussing how they can help you for free.


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