Injuries From Rollover Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates1 that crashes involving a vehicle that rolls over have a higher rate of causing fatal injuries than other types of crashes, such as a rear-end or head-on collision. Over 10,000 people die due to injuries sustained in rollover accidents on an annual basis in the United States and thousands more are left facing life-changing injuries.

Dangers of Rollovers

An accident is classified as a rollover when a vehicle turns onto its side, roof, or rolls multiple times. In such accidents, the people inside the vehicle will experience multiple points of impact, which can result in multiple serious injuries to different parts of their bodies.

Rollovers are notoriously common with sport utility vehicles (SUVs), Jeeps, and other trucks with higher centers of gravity. In addition, many manufacturers made these vehicles for years knowing the risks of rollovers yet failing to include proper safety precautions in the vehicles. Any vehicle that is prone to rolling over should have a roll cage or roll bar built into the frame. This keeps the ceiling from collapsing if the vehicle should ever roll onto the roof. If a person is properly buckled in and the car has a proper roll cage, injuries may be minimized. However, even in this situation, occupants are at a high risk of injury when the vehicle rolls onto its sides. Overall, rollovers are extremely dangerous whether or not you are in a vehicle with a roll cage or roll bar.

Common Injuries to New Port Richey Rollover Victims

No two rollover accidents are alike. In fact, many rollover crashes happen so quickly and can feel so chaotic for victims that they may not know what is happening until it is over. Because of the unpredictable nature of rollover crashes, the types of injuries that can result can be extremely varied. Medical studies2 have shown that rollover crashes regularly affect the neck, head, thorax, arms, legs, and abdomen. The following is more information regarding common injuries to these parts of the body.

Head and neck – The head and neck are the most vulnerable body parts in a rollover and sustain the majority of injuries, according to research. Head trauma can result in concussions and more severe forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI can disrupt cognitive, physical, sensory, and behavioral functioning and a victim may be in a coma for an extended period of time and may take months to recover, if they ever fully recover. Trauma to the neck is also extremely dangerous as it can cause damage to spinal cord, which can result in paralysis and other serious effects.

Upper or lower limbs – While injuries to the arms are more frequent in rollover accidents than to the legs, broken or crushed bones in the limbs can require extensive medical attention. Victims of limb injuries may require surgery, hospitalization, and severe cases may require amputation if an injury cannot be repaired.

Thorax – The thorax refers to the chest cavity and back area that houses your most vital organs, including your heart and lungs. Any trauma to this area of your body can result in serious organ damage or failure, which can require surgical repair and long-term medical care.

Abdomen – While injuries to the abdomen are the least common in rollover accidents, when they occur, victims can be left with long-lasting effects of their injuries. A broken pelvis can require surgery and months of rehabilitative therapy before a victim may even be able to walk again. In addition, damage to the lower part of the spinal column can result in paralysis in the lower half of the body, which can cause a victim to rely on a wheelchair and other medical equipment for the rest of their lives.

No matter what type of injury you suffer in a rollover crash, you will likely have medical expenses, lost income, physical pain, and many other losses. If another person caused your accident, they should be held liable for all of your losses.

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