Afraid To Retain a Work Comp Attorney?

Regardless of whether you love what you do, everyone is grateful for their paycheck.  Income provides the means to establish a living wage.  [1] When a work accident occurs, you may have reservations about hiring an attorney.  Some people do.  Some people don’t.  If you’re one of the people that are afraid to retain an attorney, the following information will help you to understand why such fears are unnecessary.  Moreover, you’ll come to understand why there are more reasons to fear not retaining an attorney.  Representation in workers compensation claims is on a contingency fee basis.  Payment of attorney fees and costs by you are not required in order for us to undertake representation of you.  Additionally, consultations are free.  You are welcome to contact us with any question or concern you have regarding a work place accident, auto accident, traumatic brain injury, semi – truck accident, defective device or medication, or any of the other areas of law we handle.  A complete list of our practice areas can be found at

FACT: Workplace accidents happen many times every day.

FACT: Work related injuries result.

FACT: The Florida Legislature drafted Florida’s workers compensation laws in favor of workers compensation insurance companies (carriers); not employees.

FACT: Workers compensation insurance carriers generate more profit by paying less in a worke’s compensation claim.

FACT: Paying less in a workers compensation claim is accomplished by failing to provide you with the full amount of lost wages you’re entitled to, failing to provide or authorize the medical care you’re entitled to, and failing to pay the correct amount of impairment benefits.

FACT: If we determine you’re receiving less monetary benefits than you’re entitled to, the potential for you to receive an additional 20% on top of the amount you should have received exists.

Some work related accidents are catastrophic and debilitating.  Others can be minor.  Regardless of the severity of a work related injury, you are entitled to certain monetary and medical benefits.

As expressed above, not everyone has concerns about retaining a workers compensation attorney.  For those that do have such concerns, we understand that such feelings predominantly come about as a result of a concern that their employer will adopt a negative perception of them if they retain counsel.  You may be concerned that if you retain counsel, your employer will terminate you.  While we understand that you may have such concerns, the explanation below will help alleviate them through improving your understanding of what we do on your behalf.

An important distinction to make regarding representation in a workers compensation claim is that we’re not after your employer.  In fact, direct involvement of any employer is rare in a workers compensation claim.  Our time is spent dealing with the workers compensation carrier.   Representation in a workers compensation claim ensures that your lost wages and medical care are provided to you in a manner consistent with the law.  The benefits you’re entitled to receive in connection with an on the job injury are provided by the workers compensation carrier; not your employer.  Because it is the carrier’s obligation to provide benefits, they’re the party that we focus on.  In order for workers compensation coverage to have been in effect on your date of accident, your employer would have already paid a premium for such coverage to whichever workers compensation carrier they chose.  The Dolman Law Group has actually encountered instances in which the employer is frustrated with the workers compensation carrier they paid a premium to because of the carrier’s mishandling of a claim.

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