Can I Hire An Attorney In My Work Comp Case If I Cannot Afford One?

The simple answer to this potentially stressful question is, “YES.”  More often than not, sustaining a work-related injury means your income is substantially reduced or cut off entirely.  Our firm is entirely familiar with the many struggles faced by those suffering from job injuries and experienced in helping those faced with such adversities.  Such experience helps us in regard to advocating on behalf of our clients in that we can provide both legal and emotional support.  Representation of people injured on the job proceeds on a contingency fee basis.  If you, a friend, or loved one has been injured on the job, a free consultation is available to help answer any questions you may have concerning your rights or options.  Call (727) 853-6275 or visit

To help you better understand what representation on a contingency fee basis means, a contingency fee is a fee for legal services that depends upon success on behalf of the client. [1] Another descriptive definition would be a fee that is a share of proceeds resulting from successful litigation; especially when such success was uncertain resulting in a different outcome.  Your interest in achieving the best possible outcome in your dispute is directly aligned with our interest in doing just that on your behalf.   We take pride in the happy clients we’ve had the honor and pleasure of representing.  Knowing we made a positive difference in their lives; especially during what is often a chaotic and confusing time, is a significant source of motivation.  We feel rewarded when our clients are happy.  If our client’s circumstances changed for the better in between the time we first undertook representation in comparison to the time when our representation ends, we have the benefit of feeling rewarded.  Our clients have the benefit of a representation by a dedicated firm existing for the sole purpose of doing everything we can to improve our clients’ circumstances and way of life.    Consultations with the Dolman Law Group are free.  They can be scheduled in person or over the phone; whatever manner is convenient for you.

Another factor when dealing with a job injury and a workers compensation insurance company is how comfortable and competent your attorney is.   Competent, well-informed, legal representation can make the difference between obtaining authorization for a much needed surgery, receiving thousands of dollars in lost wage compensation, or not having the necessary facts established in order to support your entitlement to either benefit.  Handling workers compensation cases involves understanding a rather complex area of law that changes reasonably often.  The changes result from the issuance of new opinions from Judges of Compensation claims interpreting how Florida’s workers compensation statutes apply.  Few attorneys are willing to dedicate the obligatory amount of time to obtain a level of understanding necessary to properly advise someone of their options.  There is no substitute for hard work, experience, or having the motivation to do everything possible on our clients’ behalf.  Contact us for a free consultation by calling (727) 853-6275.

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