Can The Insurance Company Really Just Do That?

The above statement summarizes a comment often heard spoken by people we represent in personal injury claims and especially in workers compensation claims. All too often, a client undergoing treatment for a work-related injury suddenly has their work comp benefits suspended, denied, or otherwise stopped. The benefits subject to being stopped without notice could be either medical care of lost wage payments. No benefit provided through Florida’s workers compensation system is immune from risk while being provide for by a work comp insurance company.   The sudden benefit cessation often occurs without any prior notice or explanation from the work comp insurance company. If an explanation or “Notice of Denial,” is received at all, it will usually come after the injured employee has already experienced the frustration and aggravation of not having the care they need to recover authorized, or the income they need to survive, paid.

More often than not, the manner in which notice of a denial or discontinuation of their benefits comes about through circumstances that include, but are not limited to, expecting a lost wage check to arrive on, or by, a certain date. The date comes and passes with no check for lost wages.   Another instance is when the injury worker goes to pick up prescription medication they’ve been prescribed as part of the treatment of their work-related injury. Instead of the pharmacy issuing their medication, for the first time they’re informed that the workers compensation insurance company has denied authorization. The same happens with scheduled doctor appointments. Those injured on the job have stories of experiences involving taking the time to travel to a doctor’s appointment, only to find out when they arrive that the appointment has been cancelled as a result of lack of authorization for the workers compensation insurance carrier.

Work comp carriers deny lost wage and indemnity benefits even under circumstances in which denying the benefit means they’re in violation of the laws that make up Florida’s Workers Compensation system. The purpose behind the unscrupulous workers compensation insurance company tactics is to frustrate you, aggravate you, and in the best case scenario, avoid retaining an attorney and simply stop treating through them for your injury or injuries. The insurance companies know that not everyone will be wise enough to seek out an attorney experienced in handling workers compensation claims. Insurance companies will provide false information to injured employees for the sole purpose of misleading them into thinking they have no claim or basis upon which they would be entitled to workers compensation benefits. As a result, those with valid claims for benefits forego ever speaking with a competent workers compensation attorney.   Even if you receive an opinion from an attorney who claims to have experience with workers compensation claims that you are not eligible for benefits, the consultation with our office is free.   You would be surprised at the number of times we undertake representation of people who inform us that they were provided entirely incorrect information from another attorney. If we come to the same conclusion in that you are not entitled to benefits, so be it. However, it costs you nothing to try and we’d rather have an opportunity to evaluate your case than rely on the opinion of anyone else.

What can you do in response to such conduct from a workers compensation insurance company? At the top of the list of proactive, productive response, would be seeking legal advice and representation.   We’ve handled numerous cases in which a work comp carrier denied wage loss benefits, medical benefits, or both in denying the claim entirely. We’ve developed a protocol that allows us to file the necessary pleadings on your behalf in an accurate, expedited manner. Once we obtain the necessary information from you, we open our file and you relax. You can take comfort in knowing that everything that can be done on your behalf has already been done, or is in the process of being done. You can call the office at anytime and you’ll receive a breakdown of exactly where your case is, what’s been done, what we’ve received, etc. We maintain excellent communication with our clients.

Why would workers compensation insurance companies intentionally deny benefits to someone injured on the job? The truth . . . the ultimate truth, is a sad reflection on humanity and the inextricably intertwined corrupt internal corporate culture as such exists within workers compensation insurance companies. If the work comp insurance company can frustrate you to the point of abandoning your benefits, you’ve just become one less claim they have to pay for. If the work comp adjuster tells you that you’re not entitled to such a benefit or such an amount in wages, and you believe him or her, you’ve just become a claim that is now costing them less while you suffer. When financial gain comes at the expense of human suffering, something within any system that would allow such to occur is fundamentally flawed. There are penalties, interests, costs, and attorney fees that insurance companies are obligated to pay when they wrongfully deny a claim or a benefit.   However, the insurance companies know that not everyone will seek representation for the work related accident.   Some people we represent do not have any issue to file what is called a Petition for Benefits for. However, Dolman Law Group represents them so that the moment one or more of their benefits are denied, we’re already in a position to take action on their behalf. Representation in a workers compensation case is on a contingency fee basis. Meaning, there are no costs or fees you pay during the course of the representation.

Workers compensation insurance companies, automobile insurance companies, truck insurance companies, pretty much any insurance company you can think of, would much rather you remain uninformed about your rights. It’s easier to keep you uninformed if the insurance company’s adjuster, agent, or representative succeeds in causing you to feel as if they truly care about you and your family. If they can appear to relate with you on one or more levels, the deception is made that much easier.  Don’t be deceived. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain through a call or visit to one of our offices. Call us today at (727) 853-6275.

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