Top 5 Reasons To Change Attorneys

You hire an attorney to fight for your rights.  To ensure your best interests are protected.  The decision over which law firm you select can be one of the most important decisions of your life.  More often than not, you would not be seeking an attorney unless the circumstances that led to you doing so were not serious.  We have found that there are firms that have lost ability to see matters from their clients’ perspective.  Lack of specific knowledge about the client is a culprit; bought about by more detachment in providing representation.   Clients are given their attorney’s cell phone and e-mail address.   While most lawyers are looking for ways to avoid communicating with their clients, we’re continually working to implement methods that help facilitate and enhance communication with ours.

  1. Your attorney is not returning your calls: Dolman Law Group has undertaken representation of individuals that became unhappy with their attorney on numerous occasions.  The individual who was unhappy with handling of their case discharged their prior attorney and switched to Dolman Law Group for the continued handling of their case.  When taking over a case previously handled by another attorney, one of the most common complaints our new clients make concerns the inability to communicate with their attorney.  Some individuals contacted a lawyer referral service like 411 Pain and never even met the attorney allegedly handling their case.   There is no excuse for such a circumstance to exist.   It is not reasonable to expect that your attorney will be available the very moment you call.  However, it is reasonable to expect to hear back from them within 24 hours.
  2. Not explaining events in your case or options you may have: Another frequent statement made by those who fire their attorney and retain us is that they felt more informed after speaking with us for just the past 30 to 60 minutes than they have the entire 3 to 6, to 9 months that they were represented by another firm. We wouldn’t practice in the areas we do unless we loved what we do.  It is not a burden to explain issues to you or answer your questions.  It is our job.   How can you make an informed decision if you weren’t informed?   You may not always like the information we have to relay, but you can be sure we will maintain communication and make sure you do as well.
  3. Not being posted on the status of your case or advised of upcoming events: There is no gray area here. You’re either being properly informed of upcoming appointments, depositions, mediations, and hearings, or you’re not.  If you see a consistent pattern with your attorney in not keeping you advised of such matters, it is indeed time to consider changing counsel.
  4. Not being truthful with you: If you discuss your case with your attorney and certain agreements and understandings come about concerning how your matter will proceed, those agreements and understandings should be reflected in the manner in which your case is handled.   However, there are times when certain events and discovery of new facts changes what was previously discussed and changes what takes place in your case.  Such changes are fine, so long as they are explained to you.
  5. You’re simply not comfortable with your attorney: The attorney-client relationship shares similarities with other relationships in your life.  If you are not getting a good vibe, you should not be in that relationship.   However, the attorney-client relationship is indeed different from your other relationships.   In determining whether or not you feel comfortable with your attorney, you should look back and determine whether your expectations are unreasonable.  Not hearing what you want to hear from your attorney IS NOT a reason to fire them.   A decision regarding discharging your attorney should NOT be based on whether you think you would be friends.  Though we are proud to have clients we remained in touch with after the resolution of their case, including countless other past clients that returned to us for representation in future matters, our focus is on achieving the best possible outcome for you.  It is not our job to be your friend.  It is not our job to only tell you what you want to hear.   Our job is to put you in the best position we possibly can in whatever facts and circumstances exist in your matter.  In performing the obligations of our job, some of the information we relay may be contrary to what you would like to hear.  However, we can assure you that relaying news you would not want to hear is no more enjoyable for us to relay than it is for you to hear.   Fortunately, the method in which we handle cases results in more opportunities to relay good news to our clients than bad.

Some information to keep in mind when selecting a law firm:

Attorneys gain expertise through specializing in certain areas.  Some people tend to think that going through law school means any attorney will be fully capable of handling any legal matter.  Upon graduating from law school and passing the Bar exam, an attorney can technically practice in area he or she chooses.  However, it is generally not the young law school graduate that decides the area of law they’re going to practice.  Rather, it is the law firm that hired them.  The law firm they end up working for hired them because of a new for a new associate in one of the firm’s practice areas.   The attorney’s work in that particular area is what frequently determines what area of law an attorney becomes most efficient and competent in.   If we do not specialize in the area of law your matter involves, we will work to refer you to a firm that does.  The attorneys that compose the Dolman Law Group are unique in that each has a significant amount of experience in their areas of expertise.   Your case would never be handled by anyone not fully competent to do so.  If you have questions about workers’ compensation, about any type of accident you’ve been in, or any legal matter, a consultation with our office is free.

In today’s economy, bigger is generally thought of as better.  In the legal market, this thinking tends to result in people having the mistaken belief that if they want the best outcome in their case, they must hire the largest law firm they can find to undertake representation.  Quite frankly, nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the larger the law firm, the easier it is for that firm to place less importance on your case. Moreover, the public is generally not aware of the increased pressure often found existing in large firms engaging in aggressive advertising campaigns.   The pressure existing in such certain firms is to generate revenue.  Revenue necessary to pay high overhead costs and operating expenses.  A large portion of such expenses is often the very extent of the advertising itself.

People worry about changing attorneys for a number of reasons.  It is important to remember this fact above all others:  You, the client, retain the full right, the ultimate say, and total control over who represents you.  If you have any questions about changing attorneys, or questions about legal mater in general, please don’t hesitate to contact the Dolman Law Group. Call us at (727) 853-6275.

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