Study Shows That Emotional Drivers Cause Crashes

We have all seen it in the movies. A couple has a fight and one emotionally distraught partner fires off one last choice word, jumps into a car and speeds away, tires screeching. This is not only a dangerous situation depicted in fiction, it happens in real life all too frequently. The end result is often tragic.

A subject of recent public awareness campaigns is that distracted driving greatly increases the risk of an accident. Distractions such as texting and touch screen operations are leading causes of motor vehicle crashes today. Now add to that another — emotional distraction. This is not limited to the obvious emotional distraction of road rage.

The Study

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found in a study that drivers who are outwardly angry, crying, sad or agitated are 10 times more likely to crash. The study looked into the habits of 3600 drivers of varying age groups. .

The same study showed that certain activities, other than smartphone operation, were especially dangerous, increasing the risk of a crash by 9 to 13 percent. These included reaching for an out of reach object, adjusting climate control, working the cars touch screen as well as eating. Other activities originally thought to be extremely distractive, like applying makeup or interacting with a back seat child, did not carry as much risk.

The presence of emotionally affected people behind the wheel has increased greatly in the 21st century due to elevated amounts of stress in everyday life and the fact that the car is no longer a place to escape from it. Stress follows us by phone calls, emails and texts. Emotional situations involving others do not always end once the driver’s door is closed and the engine starts. Other drivers have become more agitated and aggressive, while traffic delays give us more time for our brains to become emotional slow cookers.

Determining Cause

When a traffic accident occurs and distracted driving is suspected to be the cause, it must be determined that not only was one or more drivers distracted, it must be proven that the distraction was a contributing factor. It is not uncommon today to have more than one driver in an accident engaged in a distracting activity. Many drivers will not admit that they were distracted. That is one reason, in the case of a serious accident causing injuries; the injured party should seek the help of an experience motor vehicle accident attorney.

A skilled motor vehicle accident attorney will be able to conduct a thorough investigation to determine all of the contributing factors leading up to a crash. He, or she, will check cell phone records, interview witnesses and even hire an accident reconstruction expert to create a virtual animation of the accident as it happened.  The experienced attorney will leave nothing uncovered,

If you or someone you care about were injured in a car accident contact an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney regardless of whose fault you may think it is. There are often facts that need to be uncovered. You may be entitled to compensation for you medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and damage to your vehicle.

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