22 Year Old Woman’s Facebook Post Tells Of a Horrific Mirena IUD Experience

Samantha Yoakum, a 22 year old woman, posted her personal nightmare regarding the Mirena IUD on Facebook on July 6, 2016. Within a week the post had been shared 1,000,000 times, in many cases to warn other women of the dangers of the Mirena IUD.

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The story began when Samantha was coerced into having the Mirena inserted after giving birth to her daughter. The intention was to control bleeding caused by a blood disorder known as Von Willabrands disease. After having it inserted into the uterus she began to have vaginal bleeding, which was supposed to be controlled not induced. In addition she experienced weight gain, hair loss, headaches, gastrointestinal pain, depression, memory loss and more.

She was convinced by her physician and nurses that all of these issues were normal and to continue use for 90 days. After being unable to bear the side effects of the Mirena IUD, she went to have the doctor remove the device despite the doctor’s advice to take medicine to control the symptoms. Although the wire was present and in reach the device could not be removed. An ultrasound showed that the device had become embedded in the myometrium and would require surgical removal.

On July 1st Samantha went in for surgery which was supposed to take an hour or less. She came out of surgery 3 hours later with the Mirena still embedded. Due to heavy bleeding the doctors were unable to complete the procedure. There was no blood on standby.

On July 9th Samantha discussed a second surgery with a new doctor. She was told that if there was hemorrhaging or the device could not be removed she would require a hysterectomy. Not what a 22 year old woman wants to be told.

Samantha Yoakum’s story is particularly horrific but not unusual. Thousands of women in every state have filed lawsuits against Bayer Health the maker of the Mirena IUD over detrimental effects. The worst of these include migration of the device into the abdominal cavity, puncturing the uterus and other internal organs. Other issues have been heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, weight gain, depression, ectopic pregnancy and an increased risk of pseudotumor cerebri, a condition that mimics the presence of a brain tumor. Bayer is accused of knowing about the risks yet failing to warn users.

Despite the negative reports and lawsuits, the Mirena is still being widely prescribed by doctors as a leading form of birth control. The device releases a synthetic hormone which causes a thickening of the mucous on the uterine wall, preventing the travel of sperm, thus preventing pregnancy. Doctors are even prescribing the device for teens and younger women who have never given birth despite the guidelines that the device is only to be used by women who have previously given birth.

Bellwether test cases are scheduled in federal and state courts to test the legal waters regarding the thousands of lawsuits. To date there is no class action filing on behalf of Mirena victims and cases are still being handled individually. If you feel that you have had to undergo surgery to have your Mirena removed or suffered in any way as the result of its use, contact a defective drug attorney for an evaluation of your case. You may be entitled to receive compensation for past and future medical bills, lost income as well as pain and suffering. Call the Dolman Law Group at (727) 853-6275 today.

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