How Common Are Construction Accidents?

Construction accidents are the most common workplace accidents in the nation. A study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the US Department of Labor shows that there are between 5 and 6 thousand deaths caused by construction accidents annually. Despite the efforts of construction companies to provide safety training to workers, serious accidents still occur with great frequency. On a typical construction site there are many ways an accident can occur.

Construction sites are a filled with potential hazards and construction activities are inherently dangerous. Some of the more common causes of workplace injuries include:

  • Falls – Falling from ladders, structures, scaffolding and other elevated places are the most common cause of serious construction site injuries and deaths.
  • Machinery and equipment accidents – Cranes, loaders, rollers, trucks and other construction equipment are almost always operating on construction sites. Workers who are preoccupied may be unaware of their close proximity. Operators may not see a worker in their path or operating area.
  • Trench accidents – Trenches are dug for underground pipes, wires, or other below grade access. They may be unstable and collapse on workers if the ground is not prepared properly or has been compromised by rainfall. More common is a worker who is injured falling into a trench after losing footing above or not seeing the trench at all.
  • Falling tools, equipment, material or debris. Despite laws requiring all personnel on every construction site, including non-workers, to wear hard hats, injuries still occur from falling materials. The material have be dropped or blown from a structure or dropped by a crane, forklift or loader. Hardhats unquestionably reduce traumatic head injuries but they do not prevent them completely. Hardhats are no match for heavy objects falling at high velocity
  • Electrocution – It is more often that the trained electrical worker is the victim of electrocution than an innocent worker coming in contact with a live wire. Electrical workers can become very comfortable in working with high voltage. This complacency can lead to that one mistake that can be devastating or even fatal. .
  • Welding Accidents – Welding is a skill that requires proper training. Even a person who has mastered the craft of welding can be seriously injured. Welding uses extremely high temperatures to join to pieces of metal together. These extremes in temperature can cause serious burns that may be fatal. A study showed that 1 out of every 250 construction workers will die as a result of a welding accident.

Aside from burns welders can suffer long term injuries to their eyes from UV exposure from the arc. This is irreversible damage known as “arc eye” which makes the eye feel as if there is sand in it at all times. Infra-red exposure from the arc can lead to deep tissue burns on the skin. Retinal damage can also occur from the intense visible light from a welding arc. A full face shield and heavy gloves should always be worn to prevent welding injuries.

A person who is injured in a construction accident should receive emergency medical attention.  Once they have received proper treatment they should contact a workplace injury attorney to discuss their case. The less time that elapses after the accident, the better the chances of determining fault. The construction site will change rapidly with progress and evidence will disappear and witnesses may no longer be found.

Construction companies and providers of other trades are required to carry workers compensation insurance. This insurance is designed to pay for the medical bills of an injured employee. It also protects the employer against a lawsuit filed by the injured worker. However in many cases a construction accident may be wholly or partly the fault of a third party such as a different contractor, a delivery company, the property owner or one of many others. In this case compensation may be sought for future medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering. The waters of a construction accident lawsuit are virtually impossible to navigate without a skilled and experienced workplace injury attorney. Workers compensation laws alone are complex. Add the possibility of additional responsibility of one or more parties and a legal entanglement begins to grow.

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