How You Should Deal With The Truckers Insurance Company Following a Truck Accident

If you are the victim of a truck accident you will be facing a team of highly experienced insurance adjusters whose main objective is to protect the interests of the trucking company. These are skilled investigators who are motivated by saving the insurance company as much money as possible. Regardless of how they may act, their job is to minimize the liability of their client. They do not have your best interest at heart regardless of what they may say.

Never provide anything in writing to the insurance company. Many insurance adjusters will try to get medical release forms or statements from crash victims that may be used against them. They will even visit a victim in the hospital posing as one with true concern for the victim. Leave the negotiating up to your own insurance company or even better, an experienced truck accident attorney.

Your Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident lawyer has the resources to provide medical experts on your behalf to help determine the extent of your injuries spread over a lifetime. The attorney also has accident reconstruction experts at his disposal to virtually reconstruct the accident and all the events preceding and following it. The attorney will check the hours driven by the truck driver prior to the mishap for signs of possible fatigue as well as looking into their overall driving record. They will have an expert check for any mechanical failure that may have played a part, as well as the weather and road conditions.

The first thing you should do following a truck accident is get medical treatment for any injuries that you or a loved one received, as soon as possible. Do not refuse any on site medical attention. The first medical record is a time and date validation that your injuries were completely the result of the crash. While you are being attended to, the insurance company for the trucker is already looking for a way to discredit your case. With a record of treatment immediately following the accident, this becomes much more difficult. Keep track of all your doctor’s appointments and diagnostic procedures. Keep close track on all of your medical expenses, lost wages, travel to and from medical facilities, home treatments and equipment and even psychological treatments related to the accident. Every dollar spent should be recorded and documented.

The True Value of Your Case

Your attorney will determine how much the accident will truly cost you over your lifetime. If you are forced to take a lower paying job, or can’t work at all, the calculated cost could be in the millions. The trucking company will undoubtedly want to settle for a fraction of that. A law firm that has your best interest in mind will fight to get you the true value of your case, instead of settling quickly for a fast profit.

Never deal with the trucking companies insurance investigators yourself. You have legal rights that need to be protected and the only safe route is by hiring an experienced truck accident attorney who has your best interest as the top priority. The attorney will bring a team of experts that will build your case one piece at a time until it becomes insurmountable. Meanwhile, your only focus should be on physical and emotional recovery for you and your loved ones.

Dolman Law Group has successfully represented countless victims of trucking accidents winning large cash awards for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. If you or a loved one were the victim, of a truck accident, contact a truck accident attorney at Dolman Law Group. You pay nothing until we win.

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